Alabama State Championship plus Deep South Super National Qualifier

June 20, 2020 – June 21, 2020 all-day




Basketball Tournament Rules

  • Parents must check themselves and their kid’s health condition before attending practices and tournament play (any breathing restrictions, high temperatures or cold symptoms) if health condition is not normal the parent and kid will not be allowed to play or attend
  • Temperature will be taken before entering facility
  • Parents Must sign a waiver to participate in the tournament
  • Players must have their own sanitizer, towel paper or towel, disinfected wipes, mask, and gloves during the tournament
  • Teams are to enter 10 mins before there game, Not earlier then 10mins
  • Game shoes must only be used to play basketball, also should be wipe down with a disinfected wipe or spray, before and after a game
  • Social distancing guidelines must be observed
  • Masks are to be worn by participants and any player sitting on bench during the games
  • Coaches must have mask (during game)
  • No outside food and drinks allowed
  • Water bottles for players are the only exception
  • Teams will use designated area for team check in. Only one team at a time may check in. It is recommended that coach check in team and then be handed appropriate tournament information to hand out to players.
  • Chairs for coaches and players would be set theater style
  • Pre-Game (sanitized the ball and players) warm up only allowed before start of game not wile games are taking place.
  • Game Ball sanitized before and after game
  • Players must sanitize before entering the game
  • Players must sanitize exiting the game
  • Two individuals to operate scoreboard (visiting team) and bookkeeping (Home team) table with mask both needs to have sanitizer with them
  • Spectators would have access to walking track for observation but must in designated areas. These areas would be marked off
  • Teams that participate must leave the court immediately after game is over
  • All post game team meetings are prohibited inside Finley Center.
  • No pre or post team meetings inside facility
  • No Handshakes at any time before or after the game

Let us be safe and have a great tournament Thanks